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Oliver Herbrich is an exponent of the >New German Cinema< of the 1980s and 90s. In 15 years as author, director and producer he realized ten auteur films in the field of feature film and cinema documentary.


His projects were funded by >Kuratorium junger deutscher Film< and and by almost all film subsidies at that time (FFA Federal Film Board, Ministry of Interior, Film Office NRW, Film Foundation NRW, Film Office Hamburg, Bavarian Film Fund, ARTE TV). He was also supported by renowned collegues such as Rob Houwer, Hans W. Geissendörfer, Reinhard Hauff or Edgar Reitz. Werner Herzog and Dominik Graf were the narrators of two documentaries.

Films by Oliver Herbrich were presented and honoured at national and international festivals. Eight films had their premiere at the Hof International Filmdays. In 1988 all films so far were re-released in the edition >Fiction – Non-Fiction<. Since 1990 his rental company >LICHT & TON< sponsored for over a decade the >Award for the Outstanding Documentary in the early years of the Munich Doc-Film-Festival.

In 1994 Oliver Herbrich received from Dieter Kosslick the >Munich Film Award< for his oeuvre and resigned from filmmaking. 2016-18 all films were digitally remastered and presented in the >Fiction – Non-Fiction< edition in high resolution.




Germany, 1988/89, 90 minutes


Germany, 1983/84, 82 minutes

The Proud and Sad Life of Mathias Kneissl

Germany, 1979/80, 72 minutes



Rules of the Road

Germany, 1993, 80 minutes

Priests of the Condemned

Germany, 1991, 79 minutes

Bikini - mon amour

Germany, 1987, 57 minutes

The World beyond the World

Germany, 1986/87, 45 minutes

The Bavarian  Al Capone

Germany, 1985/86, 59 minutes

Searching for El Dorado

Germany, 1983/84, 45 minutes

Dead Heart

Germany, 1982, 55 minutes

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